Doormatics NZ
Radio Control

Doormatics NZ are the Importers and Distributors of the Ditec range of Radio Controls:

The Ditec range of wireless accessories are a great addition to any Automatic Gate or Door.
In this modern age of apps you still simply cannot beat the convenience of having a remote control in your vehicle. A must for all entrances.
No wires no problem the Ditec AXK4 Keypad provides a secure means of opening your entrance without the need for cables.
Open your world with a Ditec.

Radio Control
ZEN Remote Controls

The remote control suitable for every need

Radio Control
GOL4 Remote Controls

The GOL4 Remote Control has been discontinued for replacement see ZEN

Radio Control
AXK4 wireless keypad

AXK4 Wireless Keypad for Internal/External use

Radio Control

The GOL4M has been discontinued, for replacement see AXK4

Radio Control
ZENKW2 Wired Remote Control

ZENKW2 Wired Remote Control for integration of external controls via Radio

Why choose Doormatics NZ?
Technical Support
Official NZ Distributor
Health and Safety Compliance
Nationwide Dealer Network
Italian designed and made
25 plus years in NZ
Increased security