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GOL4M Wireless Keypad GOL4M Wireless Keypad

GOL4M Wireless Keypad

The GOL4M has been discontinued, for replacement see AXK4

433 MHz "rolling code"radio transmitter compatible with current Bix Series radio receivers.

By entering a PIN through the four channel control keyboard, the motorised entrances are opened by radio signals.

Equipped with an internal battery, it does not require mains power and can therefore be easily located anywhere within its operating range.

Can be used to control up to 4 different gates. With PIN number of up to 8 digit long. Incase of keyboard tampering and after 25 unsuccessful PIN entering attempts with 120 s, the keyboard is locked and, for 120 s, it will no longer recognise any PIN, nor produce any sound signals. After this time, the keyboard will automatically go back to the waiting and PIN entering status.


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