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Solar Gates & Barriers

We are the importers and distributors of the Ditec range of solar gates & barriers.

Solar powered gates and barriers make sense in New Zealand with long rural driveways or remote sites.
The cost of running power for more than 40-60m is easily off set with a solar powered system.
We have developed our solar powered systems here in house to provide the best solution for our local conditions.
Contact our technical support to find out more.
Open your world with a Ditec.

Solar Gates & Barriers

SOLARSWING Solar Swing Gate Controller

Solar Gates & Barriers
Solar Sliding Gates and Barriers

SOLARSLIDE Solar Controller for Sliding Gates and Barriers

Why choose Doormatics NZ?
Technical Support
Official NZ Distributor
Health and Safety Compliance
Nationwide Dealer Network
Italian designed and made
25 plus years in NZ
Increased security