Doormatics NZ

Doormatics NZ are the Importers and Distributors of the Ditec range of Control Accessories:

Ditec gate and door systems can be controlled via a basic contact closure. Access control systems, switches and keypads to name a few.
We carry the following range of control accessories and radio control accessories.
Open your world with a Ditec.

LAN60 Token Operated Control

LAN60 Token Operated Access Control. A simple yet effective way of allowing one time access to an entrance.

Entrematic Smart Connect

Entrematic Smart Connect is the new system to manage entrances via App or PC, Remotely or Locally

LAB9 Magnetic Loop Detector

LAB9 Magnetic Loop Detector for drive over activation or safety

AXR7 Proximity Control System

AXR7 Transponder Proximity Control System, Prox tag system.

AXK5M Key Switch

AXK5M Key Switch,
Key Operated Control
Simple to install

W3-A Keypad

W3-A Keypad 1200 Users
Built in Prox Card Reader
12-24 Volt AC/DC

W1-A Keypad

W1-A Keypad 1200 Users
Built in Prox Card Reader
12-24 Volt AC/DC

Why choose Doormatics NZ?
Technical Support
Official NZ Distributor
Health and Safety Compliance
Nationwide Dealer Network
Italian designed and made
25 plus years in NZ
Increased security