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Doormatics NZ are the Importers and Distributors of the Ditec range of Safety Accessories:

Automatic Gates and Sliding Assemblies in New Zealand are required to have a safety cut out system in accordance with the NZ Electrical Regulations.
We are well overdue for an updated standard with countries like the UK having a series of deaths related to automatic gates making them change the way they are sold and installed.

Worksafe has investigated an incident in July 2018 where a child became trapped in an Automatic Sliding Gate, see link

Most gates are installed with a minimum of a safety beam which is designed to reopen a gate when the beam is interrupted.
The photo below shows this is not always effective.

As you can see from the photo if a person was to put their arm through the gate as it was running there is a strong possibility for serious injury.
Most of the dangers can be designed out of the gate before it is constructed.
Safety Edges are a great way to mitigate the risk with essentially a thick rubber bump stop with an electrical connection to the gate drive which performs an emergency stop or immediate reversal of the gate.

The UK have made the gate owner/designer/installer responsible for safety and maintenance of gate systems.

Please get in touch with the Doormatics team to discuss safety options for your gate system.

Ditec Safety Beams

Safety Beams
Ditec AXP2
, LIN2, LAB4 are safety devices using modulated infra-red beam. Photocells.

FLM LED Flashing Light

FLM LED Flashing Light 24-230 Multi Voltage for warning of moving gate or door

Safety Edge Systems

Safety Edge Systems for Gates and Industrial Doors to protect people or objects from being accidentally crushed.

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