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Door Sensors

Doormatics NZ are the Importers and Distributors of the Ditec range of sensors:

Sensors are a common way to operate automatic doors and provide safety to users.
Sliding Automatic Doors can be used with the PAS range of sensors with the PAS024AMT being the most popular for an interior sensor featuring it's safety curtain technology.
Swinging Automatic Doors are well suited the PASM24W with it's one way sensing technology if mounted above the pivot point of a door it doesn't detect the door itself when moving.
REM on door safety sensors are also a great addition to a swing door set if there are concerns for elderly or disabled users coming into contact with the door.
The wall mounted touchless PID24 has a sensing distance of up to 50cm, these are great for touchless activation.

Door Sensors
Ditec PASA

Movement and/or Person Detection Sensor 12-24V IP44

Door Sensors
Ditec PAS24

2 Way Microwave 24 GHz Quick Opening Sensor 24V IP54

Door Sensors
Ditec PASM24W

1 Way Microwave 24 GHz Opening Sensor for Swing Doors 24V IP54

Door Sensors
Ditec PAS024AMT

Dual Technology Active Infrared 24GHz Microwave Opening and Safety Sensor 24V IP54

Door Sensors
Ditec PID24

Wall Mounted Touchless Sensor 100mm-500mm Adjustable Range 24V Flush or Surface Mount

Door Sensors
Ditec REM90

Safety Sensor for Automatic Swing Doors, The REM90 provides a safety curtain down the face of the door

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