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Entrematic Smart Connect Entrematic Smart Connect

Entrematic Smart Connect

The Smart Connect hub can control up to three entrances, the wireless magnetic sensor provides status on the app showing the door as open or closed.
The system can take 10,000 users with no ongoing fees or subscriptions.
Optional Camera records each time the entrance is opened and also provides a live view.

  • Wi-Fi or LAN connection (via USB adaptor not included)
  • Easy Setup through application
  • 10,000 users with no ongoing fees
  • Wireless magnetic sensor for Gate/Door position
  • Can wire into any Brand Door or Gate system NO contacts perfect for retro fit applications
  • Can control up to three entrances
  • Optional Camera records each opening and provides live view
  • Control your Gate or Door from anywhere via Mobile App
  • Status Notifications: Entrematic Smart Connect system notifies when the door is open, closed or left open! Available also temperature and battery condition alert
  • Use via Voice Control and Smart Home devices
  • Website for setup and info https://entrematic-smartconnec...


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