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Ditec TOP Garage Door Automation Ditec TOP Garage Door Automation

Ditec TOP Garage Door Automation

TOP Garage Door Automation

Easy Installation

Ditec TOP is the latest generation automation system for garage doors; powerful, fast and silent and made with the highest quality materials. The range includes two 24 V DC motors and encoders of 600 N and 1000 N to control doors of up to 210 kg in weight and over 17 m2 of surface area.

The emergency release device, courtesy light (which can also be activated on command) and the option of installing further protection systems such as a safety rib, flashing light and photo cells make the automation system complete. Installation of the operating device directly on the ceiling allows safer movement and total clearance.

AN AUTOMATION SYSTEM with countless advantages

  • the control unit counts the number of opening/closing cycles and uses the courtesy light to tell your customers that the programmed maintenance threshold has been reached
  • Ditec TOP is compatible with side doors, and thanks to a specific accessory, also with overhead doors


  • fast automation system that reduces waiting time between opening and closing phases
  • impact-force control guarantees excellent safety for users
  • rolling code remote controls and irreversible motor help protect against unauthorised opening
  • external release device with key, useful in the case of a loss of power


Ditec TOP includes a fast self-learning procedure that automatically records the power input profile, allowing the motor to self-regulate over time in case of increased friction and wear.


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